About Eric

I’m Eric Greenlee, a graduate student at Georgia Tech, where I am pursuing a PhD in Computer Science co-advised by Dr. Ellen Zegura in the Computing and Society Lab and Dr. Josiah Hester in the Ka Moamoa Lab. I primarily work in the fields of Networking, Embedded Systems, Information and Communication Technology and Development (ICTD), and other similar areas in impact-oriented computing for social good.

My research focuses on co-designing environmental sensing systems with field scientists to reduce the associated cost and burden while improving data quality and accessibility in places with limited internet and power infrastructure. I aim to build partnerships that address challenges in environmental justice and climate change mitigation and to deploy these systems in a way that is complementary with traditional ecological knowledge and non-technical interventions.

My education and research intersect with the fields of Battery-free Computing, Environmental Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Anthropology/Sociology, and International Development.

Formerly, I worked as a Radio Frequency engineer with the U.S. Department of Defense from 2018 to 2022, and I graduated with a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Dartmouth College in 2018. I also built a prototype wireless sensor network called MESH for collecting and aggregating environmental data in Madagascar. For more details on my part experience, see the portfolio section.

A few other highlights:

  • I earned a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland in 2020 while working at the Department of Defense.
  • I’m very interested in learning more in a variety of non-engineering fields, especially as they relate to problem solving. Ethics, sociology, developmental economics, and environmental science are all areas that would enable me to better design real-world solutions.

If you have ideas for collaborations or otherwise want to talk, drop me an email!