DoD Projects

Due to the privacy of defense work, I cannot go into more detail on these projects on my website, nor can I provide pictures. However, I may be able to talk more about the technical aspects of some projects if you reach out to me directly.

Analog electronics

  • Evaluated and integrated various front ends for wired and RF communications systems. Designed SPI and LVDS interfaces, wrote automated tests in Python with BeagleBone Black controllers, and computed specifications such as throughput, power consumption, and Packet Error Rate (PER) across a wide range of settings and operating conditions.
  • Designed and tested UHF-band analog front-end printed circuit boards in Altium. Designed schematics, selected components, and laid out boards to optimize signal integrity, power consumption, debug ability, thermal profile, mechanical profile, and manufacturability.
  • Performed cascade analysis on RF transmit and receive paths to evaluate system gain, noise figure, link budget, and non-linearity.
  • Designed and implemented a custom low insertion-loss UHF-band high pass filter composed of RF passive components using Advanced Design System (ADS) iteratively with lab modifications and measurements.

Digital electronics

  • Designed a simple spectrum analyzer in embedded C by configuring an RF front end to provide signal strength measurements.
  • Designed and implemented an 802.11a PHY-layer transmitter in VHDL for the Epiq Matchstiq and Ettus E310 SDRs. Wrote all signal processing components from scratch, including an IFFT block and complex state machine. Verified the transmitter against a commercial GNU Radio library.


  • Designed, simulated, fabricated, and tested custom UHF antennas. Worked directly with Air Force and Navy customers to solicit requirements, conduct field tests, and adjust solutions. Balanced gain, frequency/bandwidth, directionality, polarization, VSWR, isolation, size, weight, and cost requirements. Manufactured custom antennas in-house and worked closely with mechanical and industrial engineers to design and produce supporting hardware. Used CST and HFSS simulation tools.
  • Characterized Rogers Corporation’s MAGTREX 555 magneto-dielectric material and applied to UHF design for successful antenna miniaturization.
  • Iterated and tested and electrically-steerable phased array, associated Python GUI, and integrated GNSS/INS navigation system.
  • Upgraded and refurbished terrestrial HF antennas at remote field sites.
  • Conducted electromagnetic interference and noise surveys and mitigation at remote field sites.


  • Reverse engineered and reconstructed digital acoustic waveforms to perform vulnerability analysis on a Navy asset using C and GNU Radio.