Undergrad and Masters Projects

Digital/Embedded Projects

  • Designed, at the transistor level with the CMOS family, a 4-bit shifter for logical, arithmetic, and cyclic shifts. Simulated the design in Cadence and optimized performance. UMD ENPM610, 2020

  • Built a digitally tunable FM radio in VHDL for a Zybo Z7 FPGA. Wrote custom mixer, CIC and FIR filters, and demodulator. Dartmouth ENGS128, 2017

  • Built an 8-key digital keyboard in VHDL for an Artix-7 FPGA. Features include playing multiple notes at once, volume normalization, and a blues modes with a pentatonic scale. Dartmouth ENGS31, 2016

Analog Projects

  • Designed an operational transconductance amplifier at the transistor level in Cadence and built it on a PCB. Dartmouth ENGS61, 2016

  • Designed an analog heart rate monitor and built it on a breadboard. Included circuitry for noise filtering, peak detection, and driving a speaker. Dartmouth ENGS32, 2016

Mixed Signal Projects

  • Designed and built the analog and digital components for a Sigma-Delta ADC. Dartmouth ENGS110, 2018

  • Designed and built/integrated a multimodal biological sensor for validation of a machine learning hemorrhage detection model for a DARPA grant proposal. Sensors included temperature, EKG, blood pressure, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, and more. Tested the decide on porcine subjects in the operating room. Dartmouth ENGS89/90, 2018

  • Designed and built a combination digital heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter with an Arduino. Implemented automatic gain control, analog and digital filtering, and basic digital signal processing. Dartmouth ENGS129, 2017

  • Designed and built a novel device to restrict access to different rooms of a house using a weight sensor for childproofing. Retrofitted a commercial child safety gate with an Arduino, scale, locking solenoid, and related electronics to only open for users above a specified weight threshold. Dartmouth ENGS 21, 2016

WebDev Projects

  • Built a simple website using React, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB to teach users how to fold origami. UMD ENPM613, 2020